If you want your people to S.O.A.R. ®.... Management needs to L.E.A.D.




When you decide to proceed with extending an offer, make it conditional on a successful outcome of a comprehensive reference, criminal background check and clear drug screen.

On approval of the offer, order the appropriate services; we recommend using our trusted affiliate Veriproved Screening.

Note: You must have the applicant fill out and sign a background release consent form. This is a legal requirement before you can proceed. The background company will not proceed without the authorization from the applicant.

Our recommendation for basic employee positions is as follows:

We advise you to use a professional, accredited CRA (Credit Reporting Agency) to conduct background and drug screening service to assure compliance with EEO.

These are some of the recommended background checks you may wish to examine based on your company policy related to job specific requirements.

Ask for a complete list of background checks from our certified affiliate Veriproved Background and Drug Screening Services. You must be very careful about ordering background checks. Each check must have a specific, job-related reason why they are ordered.

Note: Your Company’s policy should be clearly stated in your employee handbook.

Visit our Veriproved Screening Website for more information.