Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you! 

  • It has been a pleasure working with you and your "SOAR" process is already paying off dividends.
  • Under your supervision, we articulated both long and short-term growth plans, desired goals, and right types of people necessary to implement our plans.
  • You reduced internal confusion and processing errors in the development of our "policy and procedures" manual.
  • Your employee evaluation process is invaluable. Your ability to breakdown each employee's position using metrics has given staff the opportunity to accurately measure their progress towards individual and team goals.  Our review process is no longer subjective; it is quantifiable and congruous to the goals of the agency.
  • The new hiring process you developed has been critical to our success. It has also allowed us to immediately identify candidates whose philosophies and behavioral characteristics are harmonious with the philosophy and characteristics of the agency.
  • The entire process is like “pure rocket fuel.” You've helped us break through the glass ceiling and take our business to another level. Thanks again!

R. Pavese / M. McCormick – Pavese-McCormick (Insurance Agency)  ------------------------------------------------------------- We have a system in place that really makes a difference in selecting the right people for the job. We become dependent on our employees and since working together with you, we have found a more dependable system for hiring and training. It has paid off with customers who recognize the quality of the people that work for us. Now I let my competitors hire the people I choose not to hire at my company. B. Drucks; Drucks, Inc. (Painting Contractor) -----------------------------------------------  I have had Doug Duncan as my consultant and friend for almost two years now and he has helped me create a system for hiring and training staff that I would have never been able to implement without him and his company.  We now hire people who meet our culture and values, which helps create a more cohesive working environment not to mention makes our company a better and more fun place in which to work. The result has been improved productivity within our management and staff. My business today has grown over 40% during this period of time in an industry where that is astonishing, and I feel it is no small part due to the HR systems and the business guidance Mr. Duncan has provided.  It is not only my pleasure to have him as part of my team but it is my honor to be able to call him my friend.  His diligence in teaching and assisting my staff has been invaluable. I would recommend HR Out of the Box and the whole integrated HR process to anyone who has a true desire to build their company and develop a true system of excellence.  Doug epitomizes his company hence expect professionalism, patience, punctuality and pragmatism. If he can’t help you expand your business and make it better you should probably look for some other line of work. R. Cuellar; President and CEO Cuellar LLC d.b.a. Shop Rite of Passaic/Clifton (supermarket) Thank you for all your help. HR Out of the Box is a great tool that will definitely improve my management skills and processes.  Right away, without you even telling me about it, I found your behaviorally structured interview process within the wealth of management material provided on the website. I printed it out and used it for my first interview of the season. What a difference it made! The atmosphere of the interview changed from my usual wandering and informal conversation with the applicant to a very structured and professional interview process. I felt more professional and the applicant felt he was interviewing with a serious and reliable company. Most important, I gained a much better insight into applicant. I would never have developed those questions on my own and was surprised at the valuable information they elicited from the applicant. N. Cianciola; Fairmount Painting (Painting Contractor) ---------------------------------------------------------------------  Thanks for the advertising literature. I placed the ad as you told me to write it and got over 30 responses. This is a lot more than I have ever gotten before.  Interviewed handful of people over the phone and met with two for interview. I'm also meeting with one more person on Saturday for interview. I'm very optimistic about the person on Sat and one of the guys I've already interviewed. I'd like to send them a job letter offer. R Rahni; Paint Track Painting Services (Painting Contractor) ----------------------------------------------------- The selection system for new hires has helped tremendously. Today our turnover rate has been reduced significantly (down as much as 30 %) and we do exit reviews to make sure that our day to day practices are in alignment with our goals. We know what to do to find and hire the people we need. It is never easy, but at least we can manage better the people we do find. Their productivity is likely to be higher, and the Step One Survey test has helped to weed out the really awful candidates that we use to hire before. G. Hoos; Milford Markets (Supermarket) ------------------------------------------------------- Wow, what a day yesterday was. We thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your business planning presentation. I was very impressed. K. Nolan – Nolan Painting (Painting contractor) ------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanted to just take a moment to let you know just how successful the ad was that we ran. We received over 65 resumes!  Many of those, when asked why they responded to the ad, said the "clever wording" caught their attention.  It was definitely a help and the ad stood out from your typical ad. I also found it very helpful to use your interviewing forms, especially the phone interview form.  This allowed us to weed out those that did not give the best answers as well as allowed us to follow up further with those who did.  It was also nice to use the interview form with each person interviewed, asking the same questions each time …comparing apples to apples.  I found our best two candidates even gave similar answers to some of the questions. The last part your process that was a big help, was the "pre-employment" testing – the Profiles PXT.  This allowed us to get to know the potential candidates even a little better and gave us insight into things that may not have come up in the interview process.  Using this tool will allow us to be sure that we meet our new employee's learning needs as well as keep her stimulated in the job for the future. R. St. Phard; Customized Benefits Solutions, Inc. (Benefits Insurance Agency) ------------------------------------------------- As I look back over where we were as a company and where we are today, our accomplishments never cease to amaze me. The supermarket industry as a whole has wanted to embrace human resource concepts but always found some rather unique ways of short-circuiting at store level.  The favorite expression was, “it looks good on paper, but it won’t work here”. Our associate turnover rate has been around 72%. In the past few years the rate was reduced to 49%, then to 34%, and now to a little over 20%.  While some of this may be attributed to economic factors, there is no doubt in my mind that the bulk of this improvement is directly due to the programs we have developed with you. Our customer service scores have risen from 87% last year to an all time high of 94% compared with others who are averaging 74%. As a vital indicator of our success, our sales increases over the last few years have been an incredible 6% , then 8 % , then 12 %, and finally last year over 16%. Once again Doug, thank you for showing us how to L.E.A.D. so we can S.O.A.R.! B. Clare / J. Kelly; Oakland ShopRite (Supermarket) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- We have just completed the implementation of our Strategic Plan. This plan and process is one of the best grass root engineered strategy I have seen in my forty years in business. It is not without a lot of work, but it does bring management and associates together for a common cause. Doug’s support throughout the process was invaluable. I believe without it we would have had a financial plan and our associates would give us the usual “Ho-hum”. Our current program has generated enthusiasm and ideas embraced by all. I believe we have broken through a cultural barrier I’ve been faced with for three years.Kenny -Delaware ShopRite (Supermarket) B. Kenny- Delaware Shoprite ----------------------------------------------- HR Out of the Box is the best investment and bargain I’ve ever made.  For years I’ve been trying to transition from being a tradesman to being a contractor/businessman and just couldn’t get it done.  The thought of writing job descriptions and creating an evaluation system for employees was just too overwhelming for me.  But the package that HR Out of the Box offers has all of that and a lot more that I look forward to putting into my business. And I haven’t been left to have to figure it all out on my own.  Doug Duncan has been totally responsive to my needs and has helped me know where to start and how to proceed.  He not only has called me back promptly but has even called me out of the blue to see how I’m progressing.  Doug and this package are helping me get my old bones off the ladder and I’m really enjoying the change.  I’m energized and excited about my business again and it’s fun going to work. I would recommend this package and Doug’s services to anyone who wants to deal with employees in a manner that builds loyalty and enthusiasm and serves customers well. G. McPhee; George McPhee Painting (Painting Contractor) ---------------------------------------------------  We are reaping the rewards of your work everyday. These principles and techniques can be applied not just in our business, but in any organization that wants to improve. I have been asked to be the President of our trade association chapter. Years ago I would not have been too confident to assume an authority figure amongst fellow contractors when my own confidence in my company was not too high. Today, with your help, I not only have given my company a solid foundation to build and prosper but also confidence in the direction we are heading and the proper efforts and guidance to get there. I feel we are a good company and we are getting better everyday. I greatly appreciate your help in getting us there. I have to admit I’m enjoying the ride”.     J. Ahern – Ahern Painting (Painting Contractor) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a note to let you know that I found the few days we were together some of the most valuable time I have spent on building my practice.  Your passion for your business is infectious and you really know your business.  The information I received from you and the various tools you have licensed me to use are already producing dividends.  I have satisfied a burning desire for one of my existing clients and I have picked up an entirely new client who overheard my conversation on HR Out of the Box with one of my practice partners while dining in his hotel.  I had nearly covered my cost to attend your training session and your licensing fees before ever reaching home - amazing. Perhaps more importantly, I am directing some of the tools you gave me to better service my clients toward my own business.  It is really making a difference and I have only been back to my office for about a week. I would recommend to anyone wanting to explore a self-directed business opportunity - any opportunity - that spending 24 hours with you is the best investment they can make in their future.  For an entrepreneur looking for a business opportunity that provides personal satisfaction as well as a very good income, your HR Out of the Box, Profiles International and Your Company University package of products makes for a winning combination and a very worthy investment. I look forward to working with you... and have I said "thanks"? Thank you ever so much, Arthur P. Lessing; WorkSure, LLC (Consultant in business planning and HR)   -------------------------------------------------------------- "I was so struck by your presentation, I felt like I was in church and the Preacher's sermon was meant just for me!!!"  My statement to you at the New Orleans national trade show is still ringing in my own ears now that I have the presentation in 'full color' and can read it over and over.  You made the presentation interesting and I will be applying it to way I run my business. We will certainly be noticing changes in our future here at TEX BLAST.  We already plan to re-structure our HR program.  All thanks to your generous sharing of your knowledge!  Very sincerely!!!  Cummings; Tex Blast (Painting contractor) -------------------------------------------------------------- HR Out of the Box has been extremely valuable to us as a company.  We are a painting company with 12 painters working on average throughout the year.  In the past we struggled with finding and keeping good people.  This system / program came with everything we need for the hiring process.  We were able to implement the program immediately and have since not only found better people but we know better what to do once they are on the team.  When you are running a small business you simply don’t have time to reinvent the wheel when it comes to human resources.  This system was just what we needed. M. Orme; American Painting and Decorating (Painting contractor) -------------------------------------------------------------- To whom it may concern, We met Doug Duncan at the North American Repossessor's Summit in March of 2013. His presentation was very informative.  We were having meetings at the Summit to discuss strategic issues surrounding our staff motivation, pay and overall performance of our business and his presentation fit exactly the challenges we were facing.  We went up and spoke with him.  This conversation made us feel comfortable with his knowledge and had a significant impact on our thinking. We had discussions with and without Doug throughout the weekend and hired him to help us focus on the changes that we had to be made in our leadership team and our business model.  Doug traveled to our office and we had 2 days of meetings to teach and focus on the changes we needed to implement. After 6 months our results have been incredible:

  • Our leadership team is invigorated again and has had a significant change in its behavior and productivity. We are holding ourselves and our personnel accountable for results by committing to, implementing and successfully achieving our objectives.
  • We have healthy debates on where we need to go that are allowing us to resolve many of the conflicts that had been holding us back.
  • Office productivity is improving each month and over last year.
  • We have reduced costs, increased profitability which is positively impacting cash flow.
  • As important as any of this, we are focusing throughout every part of the company on taking care of our clients and they are noticing the positive change. This can only put us in a better position to keep current clients and bring on new clients.

Doug's sense of where and how to use our time, energy, and resources has helped us make better decisions which will propel us to our next level of success. He listens to what we say, provides us with tools and ideas that continue to make a significant difference. I would recommend Doug, and his business TalentValue, to any company that wants to grow their business successfully. Ron Keys; American Recovery Specialists of Florida Inc. (recovery and repossession) TalentValue helps companies hire, train, and retain the right people through innovative, interactive and integrated web based systems.  While your employees can take your organization to incredible heights of success, they also present some of the greatest challenges you face every day. TalentValue is your resource to help identify and solve the people issues you address so you can get back to running your business. [/expandsub1]


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