Most small businesses outsource their payroll responsibilities, but there are many resources to consider.  Evaluation depends upon your company’s requirements.  Do you employ both W-2 employees and independent contractors, nannies and other household help? Do you offer direct deposit or strictly pay-by-check to your employees? What type of detailed reports do you want?  Other options to consider when evaluating payroll solutions: (1) Cost, (2) Tax services and guarantees, (3) Ease of use, (4) Customer service, (4) Accounting software integration, (5) Mobile accessibility, (6) Employee self-service, (7) Employee retirement plans (8) Workers' compensation filings, and lastly; (9) Better Business Bureau ratings and complaints.

ESN Solutions:  Time System Integration, Payroll Processing, Tax Filing, Direct Deposit, Garnishments, Job Costing, Certified Payrolls, ESS, GL Exports….

Most employers recognize the virtues of outsourcing payroll processing and tax filing.  The challenge is more in determining how to select the one that will serve your needs best.  You'll know you've selected the right provider if they are delivering a consistent solution that exceeds your service, technology and budgetary expectations.