If you want your people to S.O.A.R. ®.... Management needs to L.E.A.D.


The Learning Checklist Overview

The Learning Checklist has been created from the Job Description and written by industry or company experts. It is used by the subject-matter expert (your best person who knows how to do that job) to teach the employee (who must execute the job) how to do that job correctly. It is found on HR Out of the Box; a human resource platform found on www.talentvalue.com. This process establishes the standards for each job in the organization. Quality can be defined as adherence to standards. Compliance means that each person complies and executes the standards required for delivering great customer service and excellence each day; every time.

  • The Job Description establishes the standards for the job.
  • The Learning Checklist creates the process to instill those standards with the person who will implement that job on a regular basis. The Learning Checklist is designed to provide the individual with a guideline of what they are expected to know when performing on the job. It is designed to allow them to learn how to do a job in the most effective and efficient way.  A properly trained employee will be far more productive on the job and serve customers better.
  • The Performance Development Plan is the process used to evaluate how well the individual has achieved the execution of those standards – both task and behavior. It is also used to create the personal growth plan to grow for the future. The entire process is a linked, integrated web-based human system designed to bring excellence to organizations.


  • To outline the steps in the Learning Checklist process
  • To demonstrate how the instructor should use the Checklist.
  • To demonstrate how the employee should use the Checklist.
  • To provide some ideas how to use the Checklist to provide continuing training and re-enforcement of your standards

Checklist to Do's:

Understand the reasons why the Learning Checklist is so important to retention and productivity;

We seek to excel as a leader in our industry. If we are to do that and become the company we want to be, we will need to have the finest group of professionals in the business. That is why we will be taking the time so that you can learn what you need to know to excel in this company. We want you to succeed and be the best that you can be. Please let us know what you need in order for that to happen. This is a learning checklist for the employee entering a new job. It is designed to introduce the employee to the basic information that you will be required to know to serve the customer to their complete satisfaction. We want you to do your job well. We want you to be able to accomplish the tasks assigned to you, to work within our team and with your fellow employees, and to provide you with a feeling of personal satisfaction.

There are two basic approaches when using the learning checklist with new employees.

  • First, the new employee is given the learning checklist and reviews with the supervisor each component of the job. Then, the new employee is held responsible for completing the form.
  • The second approach is to have the foreman or instructor hold the learning checklist and go over the form with the new employee. In this case, that person would use the form and make sure that the employee is properly coached in each of the components of the job.
  1. When instructing an employee, have the employee read the instruction out loud.
  2. The instructor should demonstrate how that task or behavior should be done. In some cases, a thorough explanation is more appropriate.
  3. The employee must demonstrate the ability to accomplish the task in the correct way; in the appropriate amount of time.
  4. The employee must be able to acknowledge that he or she fully understands what must be done and why it must be done.
  5. Then both the employee and the instructor must initial in the boxes next to the instruction that the employee understands.

Each task and behavior should have an A, B, or C before the task number. It is there to provide guidance as to when the topic should be taught in what order…. What is more important? • Teach the A first, the B second, and C third. This also ties in with the Performance Development Plan or the PDP. It informs the employee what the most important items they should be focused on to be successful on the job and serving the customer. The expert who is training the employee on how to do the job may know the job properly but may not be the best trainer or may forget to inform the employee of all the specific details. This allows a good training and a good learning experience for everyone involved.

Discover how the Learning Checklist is integrated into your Performance Development Plan