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Most Small Business Owners (SBE) don’t hire employees for fun or for charitable reasons.  They hire employees when they realize they have grown their business beyond the point where they can do everything themselves.  Studies show that nearly 80% of all employees work for small employers. That means owners of small businesses are responsible for an incredibly large segment of our economy.  It’s no wonder that more and more SBE’s in Southern CA are moving their companies and jobs to neighboring states.

Those SBE’s who choose to stay in Southern CA realize that how they use every hour of every day matters.  There’s a new spin on an old expression that says, “not every hour is created equal” which helps us recognize that SBE’s need to consider the ROI on how they spend their time.  This understanding provides us with the basis for why outsourcing is so critical to SBE’s.  Every hour saved from non-revenue producing activity can have an exponential impact if invested in the area(s) yielding the highest ROI for the business!

Outsourcing can be one of the best decisions any SBE can make.  The problem -  a lot of providers to choose from, and many SBE’s feel they are too busy to do the research necessary to make good outsourcing decisions.  That’s where Employer Services Network (ESN) can help!  We’ve spent decades acquiring the expertise to know what questions to ask and what providers are available to make your life as a SBE much less complicated.  We are like the of the Employer Services world!