TalentValue helps companies by providing powerful HR Information Solutions (HRIS) to manage employees and staff across countries and worksites. Our solutions provide workflow and employee performance management tools, alerts and reports to drive employee productivity and manage processes efficiently. Employee's and Manager's self-service portals and task management tools allow managers, HR personnel and employees to manage common tasks effectively, increasing employee productivity while providing increased management oversight and compliance with Federal and State regulations. Our solutions offer comprehensive solutions to meet and manage regulatory requirements across Labor, Immigration, Export Control and Data Privacy Laws across multiple countries.

Our Software Solutions:

Our HR solution integrates a comprehensive HR database to manage employees and contractors, workforce management tools and forms along with compliance administration. Our HR solution can provide management of risks and management oversight, tighter control over costs and provide employees with self-service portals. Our solution has the ability to integrate with providers for Payroll, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), internal HRIS & ERP systems.


Our Employee OnBoarding Process helps companies manage new hire enrollments by capturing common forms for seamless employee orientation and induction into the workforce. HR users can track tasks completed by employees and assigned work groups with dashboards, alerts and comprehensive reports.

I-9 E Forms Management:

Our comprehensive electronic Form I-9 management allows companies to accept electronic I9 forms from employees as a stand-alone solution or as part of the onboarding process. HR managers can review, verify and electronically sign to meet US labor requirements.


As a DHS certified, EVerify software provider, our solution allows companies to seamlessly submit Form I9 information, track EVerify status, monitor employee work authorization status with US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and ensure compliance with US regulations.

Veriproved Check:

Our background screening services that are integrated with the software allow companies to perform employee background checks, maintain audit records for new hires, applicants, employees and contractors. Our services allow companies to perform checks for criminal records, driver's license checks, export control debarred parties and others.

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