The Number One Challenge for Companies Today is Top Line Growth

In a recent survey, the number one challenge for business owners and sales managers is to improve top line growth and find great sales talent.

Credibility Selling System is a way to develop strategies that will produce results and recruit, hire and retain great sales talent!

About the Credibility Selling System

Credibility Seling is all about helping salespeople understand how to consistently earn new business and acquire new customers by eatablishing credibility with each stakeholder involved in their sales oppportunities.

People don't like to be sold but they love to buy!  Why do they buy?  Fundamentally, one of the following motivations:

  • To solve a problem that keeps them up at night.
  • To acquire something new they desire or think they need.
  • To improve their lot in life.
  • To become more successful in achieving their goals.
  • To make someone happy.
  • To  make sure they take care of the people they care about.
  • To  better manage their future financial security.

 Credibility Selling is based on the philosophy that people buy when they are convinced they are making a good decision based on what they feel is valuable to them individually and their stakeholders. 

Here are the six credibility factors salespeople need to achieve to win the sale over their competitors; it is based on the philosophy that people buy when the company and salesperson have a value proposition to offer:

  1. Knowledge Credibility - they need to believe the company or salesperson has expertise in whatever they are talking about.
  2. Source Credibility - They need to know if the company or subject-matter expert is a good choice to do business with and stands behind their promises.
  3. Solution Credibility - They need to have the confidence that whatever they purchase will satisfy their needs.
  4. Task Credibility - They need to know that they will have the product or service to meet their personal timetable.
  5. Trust Credibility - They need to feel that the company and salesperson they are dealing with are trustworthy. 
  6. Price Credibility - They need to feel they got their monies worth and paid a reasonably, competitive price. 

 Why Do You Need Credibility Selling System?

  • Assure your top line growth is predictable and profitable.
  • Acquire new customers that are profitable to service.
  • Retain and upsell existing customers with additional services.
  • Be able to track your sales opportunities.
  • Be able to develop strategies that create engagement.
  • Be able to coach your sales and customer teams to accomplish your business objectives.
  • Align your sales and customer teams to deliver on your promises.
  • Incorporate your customer-relationship management technology with a sales perspective.
  • Focus on the top sales events to make your weekly sales goals.

To Achieve Credibility with Customers, You Need to Hire Credible Salespeople!

 The Credibility Selling System is focused on what salespeople need to do to earn new business:

  • Need to learn enough credibility to sell your value proposition (not rely on price only)
  • Earn credibility with all the stakeholders and decision-makers involved in the sales opportunity.
  • Have the ability to manage and keep track of where they are in their sales cycle vs. their top competitor.
  • Are engaged in their job and love where they work.
  • Are driven to earn more commissions month after month.

It's a fact that now more than ever before, it takes great sales talent to consistently bust sale goals and consistently acquire new business.  To get this job done, it is critical to attract top sales talent and train them to earn the confidence and trust of the people who purchase your products and services.

In order to assure your sales team will consistently earn new business and sell your value proposition at a profit, you must know how to hire salespeople that have what it takes to make this happen, and you need to hire people that have the mental capacity, behavorial traits and motivational interests to become an above-average sales producer.

Learn how to make sure they hit the road running from day-one on the job. (BEFORE YOU MAKE THE JOB OFFER).

Tools to Accelerate your Top Line Growth

money collage  Opportunity Calculator to Discover Your Bottom Line Potential

Understand your short and long term growth potential, what it is worth and how it can affect your bottom line. You measure what you treasure so why not gain a perspective on where you are right now and what you stand to gain if you use the Credibility Selling System to accelerate sales right now.

The process takes about an hour and you will need to gather information.  We charge nothing for the use of  the calculator and we will discuss the results and share the reports with you once you complete the project. Here is the link to access the calculator

job fit  ENS/TalentValue SELECT to Recruit and Hire Great People

Develop a recruiting and selection strategy to assure you can find and hire people who can become great sales producers.

Determine before you hire if your candidate has these critical, credibility selling, success factors:

  • Able to learn the knowledge they need to be credible with all decision stake holders?
  • Be able to communicate your value proposition to all the buying influences?
  • Is enterprising and has the ability to persuade stakeholders when presenting ideas?
  • Is creative in developing ways to position ideas that help sell your product or service?
  • Are interested and enjoy activities that help people and promote the welfare of others?
  • Are prone to pursuing new prospects, is self-sufficient and flexible when appproaching new prospects?
  • Can they be competitive while maintaining the understanding of the prospect's perspective, will they invest the time to listen and understand what will guarantee a successful outcome for the prospect and your company?
  • Does the candidate have call-reluctance, have a high-energy level and able to act quickly to pursue a qualified, sales opportunity?
  • Is the candidate a self-starter that possesses the ability to work in a fast-paced profession?
  • Does the candidate possess the ability to work with a team, lead others and at the same time, be diplomatic?
  • When competition arises, are they ready for the challenge, willing to work with you and your management team to overcome and earn enough credibility to close the business?
  • Do they possess the attitude to be positive regarding people and outcomes?
  • Can they think clearly, be objective in the decision-making and not too quick to make hasty decisions?

The Credibility Selling System Closes More Deals

In every sales opportunity, there are several stakeholders involved in the decision to buy.  Credibility Selling is a system that helps you understand where you are at any given time in the sales process vs. your main competitor and helps you strategize with your sales team to move you closer to the sale.

The system covers six important credibilities to a close a deal, they are: Knowledge Credibility, Source Credibility, Solution Credibility, Task Credibility, Trust Credibility, and finally Price Credibility.

We encourage you to contact us to have a brief discussion and sample a few of the tools that are used in this system.

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