If you want your people to S.O.A.R. ®.... Management needs to L.E.A.D.


Coaching Services to Improve Your Return on Human Capital Investments


What are your options? What are some of the approaches you can take to begin to improve the capability of your organization to respond to the marketplace and the people you employ?

Different size organizations face different kinds of challenges. Each has significant trials that frustrate and prevent them from achieving all they desire. Still all organizations face many of the same issues but at a different scale. The frustration comes because no one has all the time, energy, people, money and resources to solve everything all at once. It is a question of priorities. Which should we deal with first?

We have identified what has confronted some others before with similar concerns as yours. You are not alone and you are not the first to face these problems. That does not mean they aren’t real or significant to you. They are.  We want to help you make the right decisions that are best for your organization.

 Your issues may consist of the following:

  • You are an owner of your business, run a division or a small not-for-profit organization with a lot on your plate – running the business; managing the finances; finding your clients and customers; and managing the people who work for you. There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day.   
  • It would be very expensive to have your own Human Resource and Planning department and yet the time you are spending managing your staff takes up more and more of your time.
  • You want access to the coaching services you need when you need them: A dependable source of supply to help you hire, train, and retain your employees.

A few coaching options:

  • It could be a quick question when those sticky issues come up or creating a new employee handbook or figuring out how to hire a new person or letting go a person that is just not working out.
  • You want to reduce the administrative on-boarding and payroll expenses that seem to keep growing.
  • Or if you are looking to grow your business and want to build the human systems to integrate with your operational, financial and marketing systems.
  • You have all the people issues a big company has but you don’t have the confidence, internal skills, or resources to get it done the right way.
  • Some employees are not so good and you fear they are holding you back from accomplishing all you want to achieve.
  • You have some employees that are really great people, and you are fortunate to have them on your team. They are loyal now but you are concerned you cannot retain them. There are always opportunities out in the marketplace for good talent.
  • You have grown your business and organization into a vibrant and on-going enterprise. There are a lot of things that are going right.  There is more to do. Working with your existing HR team and adding those one or two ideas that will take you to the next higher level.
  • Retaining a part time HR Director to pull it all together with your existing team;
  • Out-sourcing your HR departmentto lower your internal costs and deliver the service to your staff;
  • Working on that one project that never seems to get done;
  • Creating engaged employees and workforce;
  • Building a Talent Management Program and Career Counseling Process;
  • Succession Planning (Finding the next leaders for your business);
  • Leadership Developmentand Coaching;
  • Supervisory Training(Transforming a supervisor from a Manager to a Leader);
  • Team Building(Solving The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team);
  • Customer Service (Creating Raving Fans - 5 Steps to Friendliness and Great Customer Service);
  • Business Planningfor your company or division;
  • Creating a new performance review process (Performance Development Plan);
  • Compensation and Salary Review;
  • Enhancing your Selection and Hiring program (12 Steps to a First Class Selection System);
  • Delivering training programs as part of your internal “university” or training center;
  • What other HR and Business Planning programs are you looking to do? 

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