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An Applicant Tracking System ATS That Works For You

It seems the new “normal” is filled with the stresses of a heavy workload, impossible deadlines, customers demanding more and the many challenges of keeping employees productive and happy. Many organizations also face the daunting task of finding good people, but not enough time to do it well. They struggle through a recruiting and selection process that does not give them the information they need to make a really good decision about the people they want to hire. Too often they base their decision on their gut intuition and hope that everything works out. Sometimes it does. Many times it does not. Hope is not a strategy nor a reasonable recruiting plan.  Contact us for a demo

You do not have to resign yourself to frustration. It is not your only choice. With a well-designed process, you can shorten the time to find new people and get a better quality employee as well.

One of the key steps, that almost all recruitment agencies and most major corporations use, is some form of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to handle job postings, applicants, resumes, and interviews. These bigger organizations must use an ATS if they want to keep the vast amount of information organized and easily available throughout the selection process. Small to mid-size organizations have exactly the same issues but don’t necessarily have the capabilities or even know where to turn to find an answer.

The principal function of an ATS is to provide a central location and database for a company's recruitment efforts. A good ATS is built to better assist the management of resumes and applicant information. Recent enhancements allow companies to score, rank and sort candidates based on objective qualifications to achieve better alignment to the job requirements. In other words, to start to make sense of a previously haphazard effort.

The functionality of an ATS is not limited to data mining and collection. ATS applications should also include the ability to define and automate the recruitment process via a well laid-out workflow. This means that each step is handled the same way and in the same order. That is legally critical so that each candidate receives the same treatment based on their qualifications to do the job. It also organizes the information that leads to better and more efficient decisions.

Even if you have a process where applicants can submit resumes to a separate email address, it’s a fact that it takes a huge amount of your time to review the information at each step in your evaluation process and make decisions to proceed or suspend candidates. That results in a ton of paperwork to shuffle through all of those resumes and applications. It’s frustrating because you and your applicants experience stops, restarts, and delays. No one is pleased going through those experiences.

The right web-based ATS platform automates the repetitive work. The on-line employee application includes pre-qualifying technical and behavioral questions to understand how they think right at the beginning of the process. It sorts the applicants based on the most qualified to the least qualified. It links to behavioral assessments that allow you to understand the core attitudes of your candidates. It links to background checking and drug screen systems to be sure the person is who they say they are. It coordinates the onboarding and information storage that links to your payroll programs.

Implementation is a snap because it is all on-line. The learning curve takes less than an hour. Selection accuracy, speed, consistency, and company branding improve while cost, time, and risk are reduced.

A good Applicant Tracking System builds a system that meets all your hiring needs without all the hassles. You are able to find, save, interview and select only qualified candidates so you can free up your time to focus on what’s important to grow your business. Now isn’t that a better way to hire the great employees you want in your organization?

Stressed out with a heavy workload, impossible deadlines and recruiting strategies and processes that aren't working for you? Well your job just got easier because we have an affordable solution that virtually eliminates your recruiting problems.

Even if you have or perhaps, do not have an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) where applicants can submit resumes without your help, it's a fact that what still takes your time is reviewing applicants' information at each step in your evaluation process and making decisions to proceed or suspend candidates resulting in a ton of paperwork. The results are you experience stops, restarts, and delays for you and your applicants.

Our web-based platform doesn't force you to change the way you process applicants, it replicates your process while automating the repetitive work and decisioning. Implementation is a snap. The learning curve takes an hour or two. Selection accuracy, speed, consistency, and branding improve while cost, time, and risk are reduced.

ESN/TalentValue's feature-rich, Applicant Tracking System works a bit differently than other systems because we learn about your company and build you a system that meets all your hiring needs without all the hassle. You are able to save, find and interview only qualified candidates so you can free up your time to focus on what’s important to grow your business instead of the traditional time it takes to shuffle through hundreds of resumes.