If you want your people to S.O.A.R. ®.... Management needs to L.E.A.D.


Performance Improvement and Lower Turnover Starts with Job Description

Hiring and managing your people can take a lot of time and energy.

These human resource systems are created to increase productivity, better engage employees in the business, create individualized learning opportunities, and involve everyone in making the business just a little bit better.

Here is several reasons to use our ESN/TalentValue Human System

There are several important reasons why you should consider using the ESN/TalentValue Human Resource process:

Each part is linked to every other part – You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you go from one part to another. They are all linked together.

The process is industry specific. Most job descriptions are bland useless words that have little impact in the real world. These job descriptions were created with industry experts – the men and women who work on these jobs every day. They have told us what they do and that knowledge is available to you now. It is just common sense to tell your employees what they have to do in terms that they can understand so they can do the job your customers expect of your company.

You will have your own job site within the ESN/TalentValue HRS system. Here you can tailor, modify, and change the industry standards to the way you do business in your home town. The job description – which describes the job exactly – then links to the learning checklist – which trains the person to do the job the right way – which automatically creates the performance and development plan – which helps you and your employee discuss how they are doing on the job based on what the job description told them they had to do – both praise their work and correct their mistakes where it is appropriate.

It is all on the Internet. It is there 24 hours a day; 7 days a week whenever you want it. It combines high-quality HR tools with any time, any place access interactivity.

The site is set up to make it easy to work. The help screens are written in English … not technological “gobble-de-gook” or computer jargon. It will walk you through the process one step at a time.

We want to make the whole human resource process simple to work. We want to make it easy to understand. We want to allow your people to work more productively.

We are proud to introduce this platform for human resources. There are 3 major components of the site:

1)      Job Descriptions (JD) 

Organizations tend to hire a person essentially for the skills and knowledge they appear to have and then fire them for the behaviors they exhibit and demonstrate. We build a job description that is different because it is based on industry specific descriptions of what a person is supposed to do on the whole job. This includes not only the tasks to be accomplished with the standards and measurements of how that is supposed to happen, but also the behaviors of how you should do that job.  

2)      Learning Checklists (LCL)

Tells the employee exactly what they are supposed to know to do their job. The content is directly linked to the job description so that people know precisely what they have to learn to do the job correctly.

This training outline is organized to deliver the most effective orientation to the job. The LCL is a job specific training process that helps your employee learn the details of how to do their job in the most effective and efficient manner. 

We will also connect this Learning Checklist to our Worker Training System. This takes learning the next level of effectiveness. Now you will have video training, developed around your specific job, in bit sized pieces that allow people to learn and remember; so that productivity, safety, and communications are better.

3)      Performance and Development Plans (PDP)

These very useful performance discussions are now available based on what the Job Description said and what the Learning Checklist told them they had to learn.

It is intended to be a performance dialogue system and is designed to take the “pain” out of the appraisal. This process reduces the normal stress that comes with a performance review or a performance appraisal.

Instead both you and your employee together create a plan for improved employee performance and a plan for their personal growth development– a mutual performance and development plan. In fact, it makes it easier to talk with your people about how they are doing, because it is so clear about what needs to be done. .

Technology does not have to be hard, but as with anything that is new and different, it is not always obvious what you have to do. At ESN/TalentValue, we want to make this friendly and useful. We will walk you through each step of the way to be sure you know what you have to do.

Let us demonstrate to you how to put together a linked, integrated and web based HR technology that takes the guessing out of hiring, training and retaining your best people.

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