If you want your people to S.O.A.R. ®.... Management needs to L.E.A.D.


What is the Resource Center?

This is the center within your personal HR Out of the Box site organized so you can find information on human resource and business issues that are important to you. It has articles, documents, forms, and data that will be useful to helping you create a better place to work. The information has been found from our own research and also from the best minds in the field. It is all available to you as a TalentValue HR Gold Member. What does the Resource Center contain? Resource Center Articles They are 4 gateways to many articles and documents that will guide you in using the system. They are categorized using the S.O.A.R. ® Human Resource System. S.O.A.R. stands for

  • Selection – how to find, recruit and select the best person for the job.
  • Orientation – how to teach the new hire to do the job the right way.
  • Assimilation – how to take those individuals and turn them in to a team
  • Retention – how to keep the best people working in your company.

In addition there is a section called Business Planning which provides information on building a good business plan for your organization, business or firm.

1. Selection

  • Selection
  • Job Descriptions
  • Interviewing
  • Assessments and Testing
  • Background Checking
  • Compensation and Pay
  • Selection Forms

2. Orientation

  • Orientation and Onboarding
  • The Learning Checklist
  • Worker’s Training
  • Learning about the Job
  • Employee Manuals and Handbooks
  • Employee Policies

3. Assimilation

  • Employee Training and Education
  • Performance and Development Planning
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service

4. Retention

  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Communications
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Surveys
  • Corrective Performance Process
  • Business Continuation and Successful Planning

Choose the article that interests you. Read it; Save it; or Print it as you wish. The next section below, this is called Industry Specific Tools. This is where you will look to find information about:

  1. Industry Checklists and other tools that were created by experts in your industry. They are placed here as examples of what others have done that you may find useful.
  2. Industry Specific Documents were also created by experts in your industry. These are other useful documents and information that could help you build your business.
  3. Company HR Documents - This is an area where you can store your specific and important documents such as your company’s Employee Manual or specific checklists you have developed, or something you found that would be important to remember and save. It is an open area for you to use. When you click on this area you will be prompted to upload the documents from your hard drive to be stored in this area for future use.

These are samples of the tools available to you to enhance your knowledge and provide you with ideas to improve how you run your business. Click here to log in to HR Out of the Box and access the Resource Center Ask your TalentValue Adviser if you want to discover more about how to use this center. Home